At Beyond The Walls, we are committed to providing you a positive, safe and clean home to begin your new life. Your Sober Living experience will be filled with fun, recovery and education which will enable you to have structure and begin a new life free from all addictive substances. Our goal to help you get prepared for life’s challenges and begin a new way of living that promotes integrity, self-awareness, compassion and teamwork along with essential skills for your new life.

  • Sober Living supports the 12-Step program of action in a structured, safe, clean and spiritual atmosphere.
  • We are committed to ensuring you have the best opportunity possible to succeed in sobriety.
  • Here you will be encouraged to capture your life and live out of your imagination and not your memory.

A kitchen, living room, dining room, shared bedrooms and laundry room will be provided for your comfort.

You will find happiness and peace at Beyond The Walls Sober Living Home.

Contact us when you are ready for this experience.